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SwipeClock is an online electronic time and attendance solution for all businesses, large and small. It combines the convenience of online access with the familiarity of a conventional wall-mounted time clock, PC, and telephone. Our service is entirely online, so there's no software to buy, install, or manage.

The Online 401K

The Online 401(k)™

The Online 401(k)™ is a Web-based retirement plan solution built to address the 401(k) needs of small businesses. One of the original Web-based 401(k) providers to address the small business market, today The Online 401(k) serves more than 2,200 businesses across 50 states and continues to grow through strategic relationships with financial advisors and payroll providers.

The company’s philosophy is simple: providing affordable, flexible, easy-to-use 401(k) plans for businesses with less than 50 employees. The Online 401(k) also serves one-person businesses with its retirement plan Single(k)™(

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