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PayStub Online: Online Pay Stub Solutions
PayStub Online, available to our PayEntry Payroll clients, provides your employees secure and easy access to view their payroll and human resources information in read-only format.  They can access their information through a link on your company’s Intranet, or through the Employee Portal on California Payroll’s website.

Personnel Tracker
Personnel Tracker augments the employee and basic human resources data tracked in our payroll module with customizable tabs and look-up tables that are easily created and edited.  It comes complete with a standard set of HR reports, or you can create your own using the built-in report writer.  Personnel Tracker is available to our PayEntry, M3Software, and M3Online clients.

StoreRoom Data Retention & Filing Storage Service
With our StoreRoom solution, we automatically save and store your payroll records in our system.  While it is recommended that all businesses retain their payroll records for at least seven years, most of our competitors purge client information every 18 – 24 months to reduce the size of their databases.  Understanding our clients’ needs to retain, manage, and retrieve prior records, StoreRoom will store your payroll tax returns and payment records for 10 years.  StoreRoom also includes the archiving of all employee and company payroll data in our database in a consistent and secure manner, as well as a year-end CD that contains an entire year of payroll reports, quarter end reports and tax returns, and year end reports, tax returns, and W2s.

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