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Advanced Reporting Options

Time Off Accrual Tracking Report
Accurately tracks accrued, taken, and available vacation time.  It can also show actual dollars in terms of vacation time available.  The Time Off Accrual Tracking Report lets you know actual liabilities owed relative to vacation time balances.

General Ledger
General Ledger report shows debits and credits by your cost centers.  You can print this report directly to MS Excel or import applicable payroll data directly into your general ledger system.  Think how much time you will save from not having to do any duplicate entries.

Labor Distribution
Now you can accurately disperse tax liabilities among distributed departments.  Our labor distribution report appropriately and accurately allocates taxes by departments rather than dumping all taxes in the employee’s home department.  You can even view the employer’s tax burden by each employee and department.  Our system allows for very complex distribution across many cost centers.

Job Costing
California Payroll can do complex job costing among many levels, enabling you to truly track your labor costs by job, function, or task.  This allows you to properly bill, estimate, compare, and analyze jobs.

Standard 401K Report
Our comprehensive reporting functions enable you to provide your 401K administrator with all reporting information necessary to manage your deferred compensation plans.  Accurate and timely information will ensure compliance with ERISA guidelines.  We can develop a 401K report specifically for your plan to upload into their system.

Workers’ Compensation Report
Budget your costs and compare actual workers’ compensation premiums with estimates.  Make audits easier.  Plus, reporting to your workers’ compensation carrier is easier with California Payroll’s workers’ compensation report.  This report shows actual workers’ compensation costs by employee and classification code and can be generated monthly or every pay period.

Certified Payroll
This is a California-specific report.  If you are required to submit a certified payroll report to any government agency, we have this report available for you. 

Contact us for more information about any of our advanced reporting options, including workers' compensation reporting, certified payroll reports, and general ledger reports.

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