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Data Transmissions: 401K Connect

Assembling data for the year-end census report is a time-consuming and tedious process.  However, when you integrate your payroll services and the administrative aspects of your 401k services, you can improve your administrative time savings by up to 50%.

Here’s how it works:
401K Connect incorporates payroll and the processing aspects of your retirement services program into a streamlined process that handles data communications and fund transfers on your behalf, saving you a considerable amount of time and money.


Step Two: After your payroll is processed, California Payroll sends a file containing your employees' distributions to your 401k company.


Step One: You submit your payroll to California Payroll.


Step Three: Your 401k company debits the 401k funds from your account upon receipt of the file from California Payroll.


The data exchanges are secure and timely.  Contributions are automated on a per-pay-period basis, so there is less lag time between obtaining and processing participant data.  The result: Less work for you and more time to spend on your business.

How does 401K Connect benefit you?
You will immediately notice:

  •  Greater cost savings
  •  Increased time savings
  •  Seamless data flow
  •  Secure and timely data exchanges
  •  True service integration
  •  Customized solution

To better serve you, we work in synch with your Retirement Services team to enhance your existing 401k service.
We continue to expand our neutral framework to include premier third party administrators, brokers, and retirement services plan providers in order to offer a cost-effective and integrated retirement services product for business owners and their employees.  If you are looking to implement a 401K solution, or change your existing program, we can help you.  Or, if you are looking to enhance your existing solution, we work in sync with your retirement services team to ensure the successful and smooth implementation of an integrated payroll services and 401k solution.

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Contact us if you are looking to enhance your existing 401k solution, or implement a new program.
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