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Data Transmissions: Workers' Comp Connect

Eliminate large, up-front deposits.  Spread out your premium with accurate, convenient payments that coincide with your payroll cycle.

Your workers’ compensation premiums most likely tie up vital cash resources because you are required to pay in advance based on estimated payrolls.  Workers' Comp Connect improves your cash flow by eliminating, or reducing, those large, up-front deposits.  Your premiums are calculated as they are earned, then automatically debited by your insurance carrier. 

Also, you are required to continuously send payroll reports to your insurance carrier.  However, Workers’ Comp Connect saves you precious time by automating this process. 

It is a convenient, simple and accurate service designed to reduce your administrative expenses and help you maintain accurate workers’ compensation calculations.  By seamlessly integrating with payroll, you remove the guesswork of calculating workers’ compensation costs because your premiums are based on actual payroll and employees are placed in the correct class code.

Here’s how this workers compensation solution works:

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Step Two: We automatically upload an encrypted file of your payroll data to your insurance carrier so that your workers' compensation premium is calculated based on your company's actual payroll.

Step One: You submit your payroll to California Payroll.


Step Three: The Workers' Comp insurance carrier deducts your premium payment from your account upon receipt of the payroll data from California Payroll. With each payment, you receive a report that provides your premium information.


How do you benefit from this integrated payroll and workers compensation service?

  • You immediately improve your cash flow management by eliminating your large, up-front premium deposits.
  • You reduce your time-consuming administrative tasks and expenses.  You no longer have to write checks, there are no monthly billing fees, and you avoid those confusing, manual calculations.
  • You maintain accurate accounting through accurate calculations based on actual payroll.  Your payments are timely and they coincide with your payroll cycle.  You virtually eliminate audit adjustments by avoiding placing employees in the wrong class code.
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