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Employee Payment Options

Employee Payroll Checks
California Payroll prints employee payroll checks which are drawn on your account.  You will see a debit in your account for each employee that receives a live check.  Paper checks has its own service options which include laser check signing and envelope stuff and seal.

How do laser check signing and envelope stuff and seal improve your payroll processing efficiencies?  They do so by reducing your administrative tasks, which saves you time and operating costs.

Payroll Direct Deposit
We electronically deposit your employee’s net pay directly into their bank via ACH.  Employees can select an unlimited number of bank accounts in which to deposit funds.  Your employees receive a detailed direct deposit voucher for their records.

How does payroll direct deposit improve your payroll processing efficiencies?  It does so by reducing labor costs.  Employees do not need to use company time to deposit their paycheck.  Also, direct deposit minimizes the time spent on reconciliations.

Payroll Cards / PayCards
For those employees that do not have a bank account, our payroll card, which works like a debit card, is the perfect alternative to the employee payroll check.  We electronically transfer your employee’s wages into their personal debit card account where they use it for purchases. 

How do payroll cards improve your payroll processing efficiencies?  You save time and money from not having to issue paper checks to “un-banked” employees.  Plus, you avoid the hassles associated with check fraud and uncollected checks.

CALaccount Checks
This is an option for those employees not on direct deposit if you are looking to save time from reconciling your accounts.  CALaccount Checks are drawn on our CALaccount Checks bank account and arrive in your hands signed and ready for distribution.  The transaction is a single draft on your account, thus simplifying check reconciliation. 

How do CALaccount Checks improve your payroll processing efficiencies?  By simplifying your check reconciliation, you reduce your administrative tasks, thereby increasing productivity.  Plus, CALaccount Checks reduce your liability.  Your payroll account information is not displayed on the checks and at risk for fraudulent activities.

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