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Process your payroll from your office using our robust desktop solution.

M3Software Payroll, our payroll software service, is the ideal solution if you are seeking the functionality of an in-house payroll and HR management software system, yet want the additional benefits of outsourcing your payroll operations. M3Software is a fully integrated business payroll services and HR management software that is one of the most progressive, single solution systems available. It offers real-time flexibility and is scalable to the changing needs of a growing organization.


Our Business Payroll Software Features and Functionality

M3Software Payroll's features and functions specifically target your business issues, or challenges, so that you can obtain your business outcomes, or desired results.

What challenge(s) must you overcome?   The key feature designed to address your business issue.   What results do the solutions help you achieve?
Improve access to data to improve strategic decision-making   Complete access to historical data: Access any report at any time from your entire data history.   Better management of payroll data
Improve payroll accuracy   Comprehensive manual check calculator: Quickly and easily calculate gross-to-net or net-to-gross with multiple variables.   Reduce administrative paperwork
Reduce check preparation time
Reduce data errors   Quickly and easily run a preprocess register during any phase of the payroll input process to verify payroll accuracy.   Improve payroll data accuracy
Decrease expenses associated with human error     Minimize time spent preparing payroll
Decrease payroll errors   Ease of check manipulation: Easily make comprehensive changes to earnings and deductions when running your payroll.   Minimize time wasted correcting check inaccuracies
    Reduce employee complaints
Greater system flexibility   Payroll without limits: There are virtually no limits on employee data, such as earnings, deductions, and the number of direct deposits at any number of banks.   Automate payroll processes and procedures
Greater control over payroll processes and procedures   Scalable options on company data: This includes unlimited system-defined earning types or custom user-defined earning calculations.   Improve control of the payroll operating environment
Improve system functionality     Improve system reliability
Greater reporting capabilities   Expanded reporting capabilities: Customize reports with our solution's built-in report writer as well as Crystal Reports®.   Enhance strategic decision-making capabilities by having the right data on hand in your desired format.
Improve access to payroll data    
Eliminate redundant efforts   Integration with HR and time and attendance systems   Simplify time spent inputting work hours into the payroll system
Eliminate multiple data entry     Achieve reduction in data input errors
Lower operating costs     Improve department productivity

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