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Payroll Processing: PayEntry Payroll

PayEntry Payroll is our online payroll service.  It is the ideal payroll processing solution if you need real-time, easy access to your payroll and HR data. It is a great alternative to a payroll software service.   PayEntry is a powerful and robust solution that is simple to use and cost-effective, providing you with a payroll system that includes:

  • Enhanced payroll data entry
  • Real-time reporting capabilities with over 50 management reports
  • Report-writer: Easily create your own reports
  • Employee self service features with our PayStub Online service
  • Secure and reliable access to your payroll and HR data
  • Sick & Vacation Accruals
  • Workers’ Compensation Reporting
  • 401K Tracking

The Best Online Payroll Service

PayEntry Payroll’s features and functions specifically target your business issues, or challenges, so that you can obtain your business outcomes, or desired results.

What challenge(s) must you overcome?   The key feature designed to address your business issue.   What results do the solutions help you achieve?
Implement an effective payroll solution   Payroll system with real-time and easy access to your payroll and HR data   Automate your payroll processing and procedures
Achieve consistency in handling payroll issues     Improve system reliability
Improve data security and confidentiality     Reduce your operating expenses
Reduce data input errors   Time clock data input that includes interfacing with time and attendance management systems   Achieve data consistency
Eliminate multiple data entries     Reduce cost of labor tracking and management
Minimize time spent on repetitive tasks     Increase productivity levels
      Eliminate redundant efforts
Improve access to data to improve decision making abilities   Data import and export capabilities, robust reporting capabilities   Real-time data access to managers and employees
Better management of employee data     Improved management of payroll data
Improve payroll accuracy   Payroll accuracy verification prior to submission   Achieve a reduction in data input errors
      Reduce employee complaints and grievances that result from data errors
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