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Manual timekeeping methods are labor intensive and very costly.  But what is of more concern, is that manual processes set the stage for calculation and data entry errors, rounding rule abuse, unforeseen absenteeism, and even unscheduled overtime.  Labor costs wreak havoc on your budget, especially when mistakes, honest or not, are frequent and not discovered until after payroll has been distributed.

Automating your time and attendance management reduces and even eliminates many of your manual, time-consuming processes.  However, a time and attendance management system helps you maintain compliance with complex labor laws.  Plus, it also generates the data you need to get to the source of what causes many of your lost time issues.  By analyzing the workforce data your time and attendance management system provides, you gain valuable insight into your employees’ performance.  This enables you to quickly resolve issues and problem areas, discover trends, and implement effective processes and procedures that improve your labor cost control.

Keep track of your employees with our Time and Attendance Management Solutions

California Payroll has several time and attendance solutions that are designed to best fit the diverse needs of our clients.

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