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How can you accurately pay your employees if you are not accurately tracking their hours worked?

You may be looking to decrease unauthorized paid hours and tardiness so that you can more effectively manage and process your employees’ time worked.  Perhaps you seek greater compliance with hour and wage loss while reducing employee grievances.  Whatever your business issue, SimpleClock helps you achieve your desired business outcome as it relates to your time and attendance processes and procedures.

The law requires that you track your non-exempt employees’ hours.  Why attempt to do this manually when there is a simple and easy to use solution available? SimpleClock is designed to offer exceptional convenience while substantially improving profit margins through the reduction of labor costs.  Plus, it is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

SimpleClock’s key benefits include:

  • Labor Cost Reduction:  You eliminate your manual time-keeping processes and calculation errors.
  • Compliance:  You have greater compliance with hour and wage laws through automation.
  • Improved Productivity: SimpleClock reports provide the data you need to analyze workforce performance and make more strategic business decisions.

SimpleClock’s key features include:

  • Web-based Administrator and Supervisor Access
  • TimeClock terminals with lifetime warranties
  • Easy implementation: There is no software to install and timeclock terminals require no setup, just plug them in.
  • Online viewing and editing of employee time-related data
  • Supervisor logins
  • Free daily e-mail reports
  • Flexible and immediate reporting on your workforce
  • Cost-effective and competitive pricing
Easy data collection through multiple options: WebClock, TimeClock terminals, Teleclock, and FlexClock.

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